RoboCup Major League Teams @ GO2011

Country League Teamsort icon University
Germany Middle-Size League 1. RFC Stuttgart University of Stuttgart
Germany RoboCup@Home AllemaniACs RWTH Aachen University
Iran Soccer Simulation 2D Alzahra-2D Alzahra University
Iran Soccer Simulation 3D Alzahra-3D Alzahra University
Germany Standard Platform League B-Human Universität Bremen und DFKI Bremen
Germany RoboCup@Home b-it-bots Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University
Brazil Mixed-Reality Competition BahiaMR Bahia State University
Turkey Soccer Simulation 3D beeStanbul Istanbul Technical University
Germany Standard Platform League Bembelbots Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
United Kingdom Soccer Simulation 3D Bold Hearts University of Hertfordshire
The Netherlands RoboCup@Home BORG University of Groningen
Germany Middle-Size League Carpe Noctem Universität Kassel
Germany Standard Platform League coolRUNners Universität Rostock
Germany Humanoid League Darmstadt Dribblers TU Darmstadt
The Netherlands Humanoid League Dutch Robotics Technical University Delft
Portugal Soccer Simulation 2D FC Portugal 2D University of Porto/University of Aveiro
Portugal Soccer Simulation 3D FC Portugal 3D Universidade de Aveiro / Universidade do Porto
Germany Humanoid League FUmanoids Freie Universität Berlin
Germany Rescue Robot League GETbot Universität Paderborn
Germany Festo Logistics Competition HE-RO Hochschule Esslingen
Germany RoboCup@Home homer@UniKoblenz University of Koblenz
France Rescue Robot League ISTY (University of Versailles) ISTY (University of Versailles)
Iran Soccer Simulation 2D Kaveh Shahid Rajaee University, Iran University of Science & Tech
Greece Standard Platform League Kouretes Technical University of Crete
France Standard Platform League L3M ISTY - UVSQ University of Versailles
France Soccer Simulation 3D L3M University Paris8
Germany Soccer Simulation 3D magmaOffenburg Hochschule Offenburg
Austria Middle-Size League MostlyHarmless Technische Universität Graz
Germany Standard Platform League Nao Devils Dortmund Institut für Roboterforschung, TU Dortmund
Germany Standard Platform League Nao Team Humboldt Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Germany Soccer Simulation 3D Nao Team Humboldt Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Germany Standard Platform League Nao-Team HTWK HTWK Leipzig
Germany Standard Platform League NimbRo SPL Universität Bonn
Germany RoboCup@Home NimbRo@Home Universität Bonn
Germany Mixed-Reality Competition Northern Stars FH Kiel
United Kingdom Standard Platform League Noxious University of Wales, Newport
Germany Mixed-Reality Competition Osna-Be! Universität Osnabrück
United Kingdom Soccer Simulation 3D OxBlue University of Oxford
Germany Rescue Robot League resko@UniKoblenz University of Koblenz-Landau
Germany Standard Platform League RFC St.Ellingen Universität Hamburg, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics und Natural Sciences
Egypt Soccer Simulation 2D RMAS_ArtSapience German University in Cairo
USA Soccer Simulation 3D RoboCanes University of Miami
Ireland Standard Platform League RoboEireann National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Germany Festo Logistics Competition robOTTO Universität Magdeburg
Iran Humanoid League Rouyan North Tehran Branch Of Islamic Azad University
Germany Mixed-Reality Competition RT Lions Reutlingen University
Germany RoboCup@Home SmartBots@Ulm University of Applied Sciences Ulm
Germany Rescue Robot League Team Hector Darmstadt TU Darmstadt
Germany Festo Logistics Competition Team Leuphana Luephana University Lueneburg
The Netherlands Middle-Size League Tech United Eindhoven Eindhoven University of Technology
The Netherlands RoboCup@Home Tech United Eindhoven Eindhoven University of Technology
Germany RoboCup@Home ToBI - Team of Bielefeld Bielefeld University
Germany Festo Logistics Competition TUMsBendingUnits TU München
United Kingdom Rescue Robot League Warwick Mobile Robotics University of Warwick
Germany Humanoid League WF Wolves Ostfalia Hochschule für angwandte Wissenschaften
Germany Mixed-Reality Competition WF Wolves Ostfalia Hochschule für angwandte Wissenschaften