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Standard Platform League

Standard Platform League


In the Standard Platform League, soccer is played with a standardized robot platform, i.e. all teams use the same hardware and only differ in the software they develop. Until 2008, the standard platform was the four-legged robot Sony AIBO. For the third time at the RoboCup German Open, the humanoid robot Nao, manufactured by the company Aldebaran Robotics, is used as standard platform.

Nao is equipped with 21 actuated joints, five in each leg, four in each arm, two in it's neck, and one in it's hip. In it's head, two cameras are integrated for perceiving the environment. In it's chest, sonar sensors can measure distances to other object on the field. In it's feet there are sensors to measure ground contact and the contact with the ball. Three accelerometers and two gyroscopes allow measuring the pose of the robot's torso.

Teams of four robots play against each other on a 6 x 4 m² sized field. The robots are completely autonomous. However, through WLAN, they can communicate with each other and receive the decisions of the referee.

In the forth year of the league, the cooperation between the players is in the center of the development, since the size of the teams has just been increased from three robots to four. However, also the stability and speed of the bipedal walking and of other motions as well as the orientation on the field that does not offer any artificial localization clues besides the two colored goals, are current research objectives.
Participating Teams
League Chair: Dr. Thomas Röfer (DFKI Bremen)