Soccer Simulation 3D

Soccer Simulation Leagues 2D and 3D

Soccer Simuation League 3D

In 2D simulation 11 by 11 agents play on a soccer field using rules that enable human like soccer. This is the league in which soccer games look closest to real games with passes, fouls, offside rule and many more.
In 3D simulation real two legged Nao robots are simulated to close the gap from simulation to hardware leagues. The first thing the simulated robots have to be taught in this league is to walk on two legs by controling the many motors in the hip, knees, feet arm or neck. Some teams participate in 3D simulation and standard platform league using parts of their code in both leagues.
The strength and scientific interest of this league is to provide a testbed for cooperative problem solving, learning or opponent modelling without the cost and wear and tear of real hardware leagues.
Participating Teams (2D)
Participating Teams (3D)
League Chair Simulation 2D: Simon Raffeiner (Hochschule Offenburg)
League Chair Simulation 3D: Prof. Dr. Klaus Dorer (Hochschule Offenburg)