Festo Logistics

Festo Logistics Competition


The Festo Logistics Competition is an all new approach to an industrial application. A team consisting of three robots has to solve the logistic challenges of an almost unknown production system. Deployed as an Autonomous Guided transport Vehicle (AGV) the robots have to identify surroundings and variables of the production system and enable a material flow to transport the right product in the right time to the right place. On two 5 x 5 m competition areas, teams compete for the most efficient solution resulting in the highest score, without direct contact to the direct competitor.

The FLC is based on the robot platform Robotino®, featuring standardized actuators and with a 40 x 40 cm size. Participants face no limitations in terms of sensors and their approaches to program the robots. This interdisciplinary challenge in the fields of Mechatronics, Computer Science and Logistics has to be answered with a flexible yet precise autonomous solution to deal with out-of-order machines, changing delivery gates and a random machine distribution.
Simulator with demo scene

Robotino View

Participating Teams
League Chair: Christian Deppe, University of Magdeburg